How do you Involve Customers in Improving Services?

In this Transformation Dialogues video, Ann Blythman interviews me to understand how to improve services by involving customers and building them into the development of the service.

I discuss how to bring customers in to the service design and development process, the importance of understanding variation and variability and why accommodating both in service design is so important. We cover the importance of testing out theories with real customers to find out if they work – not getting stuck in a “Theory Space”.

Through the example of Customer Segmentation we explore typical problems and their solutions including how to break down improvements into small discrete steps. I discuss the twin follies of thinking of process improvement as a process engineering problem and local optimisations – we cover how to put customers first and, how to re-organise internally to take big steps forward.

I hope you enjoy this video and more that follow soon in the Transformation Dialogues series.

Tom Sedge discusses How to Involve Customers in Improving Services with Ann Blythman
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