What’s a Recent Example of what it’s like Working with You?

In this Transformation Dialogues video, Ann Blythman interviews me to hear about recent change work I’ve done and to learn more about how I work and what it is like working alongside me.

I discuss the initiation of a major change programme with a £50bn public sector loan provider working with the CEO, executive team and change team on the ground. I talk about the range of work I do and how my hands-on approach works.

We dig into more detail to discuss how I work day-to-day and how education and strategy are folded in and some of my key tools and techniques. We explore how the impact of my work can be measured to assess its value and both the hard and soft benefits that can be expected.

I hope you enjoy this video and more that follow soon in the Transformation Dialogues series.

Tom Sedge discusses recent work and what it is like Working with him with Ann Blythman
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