Why aren’t you Just Another Consultant?

In this Transformation Dialogues video, Ann Blythman interviews me to understand what makes me different and why I am not just another consultant.

I discuss what it is that makes me different to traditional management consultants and how my approach is far more practical. Sometimes this surprises people because there can be safety in commissioning ineffective reports and assessments that don’t deliver change.

We discuss my measure of success which is the lasting change that I make on the ground and how the way I work rapidly delivers hands-on change. We explore how quickly I can get results and the factors that influence the speed at which organisations can deliver change.

We finish up discussing the importance of understanding organisations and what makes them special and adapting change to fit and work.

I hope you enjoy this video and more that follow soon in the Transformation Dialogues series.

Tom Sedge discusses why he isn't just another consultant with Ann Blythman
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