What do I need to change? Instant Interactive Insights on Urgent Issues

You might think everything’s fine. You might think there are a few problems but basically everything’s fine. You might think “ok, there are issues, but it isn’t clear what they are or what I can do about them”.

Don’t think any longer – find out.

With the launch of a new free interactive tool, The Ambitious Manager allows you to instantly survey your staff and interactively explore the important issues in your business.

That way you don’t think, you know.

That way you know what needs fixing and you know where the focus needs to be.

That way you get some hard data to help you make the case for change.

Example: Bad Leadership Toxic Environment

The Insight Staff Survey tool lets you rapidly identify the key issues in your workplace. It is simple, fast to use and completely free. It is also completely safe and secure: no personal or corporate identity information is asked for or stored.

Traditional survey organisations will charge you a small fortune and spend weeks setting up and conducting a survey and weeks more analysing the results. They’ll send you a ton of detail.

Yes it will be very comprehensive but is that more than you need? Don’t you really just need to know the key things that need fixing and require focus?

Most of the people I work with don’t have the time for traditional approaches and if they have money spare need to spend it on delivering change, not its diagnosis.

The Insight Staff Survey is designed to let you survey your staff yourself using a simple questionnaire that will take people no more than 20 minutes to complete.

Survey Features

The survey system automatically provides the following features:

Automatic permanent storage of all survey submissions

Automatic interactive charting of both individual’s own submissions and aggregate team results

The ability to interactively drill down through the survey answers through category, section and to individual questions

CSV-format export of survey results so that you can perform your own spreadsheet analysis

Permanently bookmarked survey results pages that you can revisit as needed

Complete anonymity: no information is requested or stored that permits identification of individuals or companies

Re-distributable links you can email to your team for individual submissions with aggregated team results

All of this is completely free and simple to administer yourself

Gaining insight into the challenges within your teams has never been easier, simpler or cheaper.

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