Insight: Staff Survey Launch Page

Welcome to the Ambitious Manager Insight Staff Survey. This is an anonymous survey designed to reveal thematic problems within your organisation or team.

These are revealed by asking people to rank different aspects of their working life between two polar extremes. With a good-sized sample this will highlight where change is needed.

Example: Good Delivery Bad Leadership

The survey is deliberately focused on people’s perceptions and day-to-day experiences. That’s because perceptions and experiences dictate behaviour. There may be a fine statement of mission and values from the leadership but that might not match real experience for people in the ranks.

The survey is designed for busy workplaces where time is precious. It is multiple-choice and typically takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

The survey is completely anonymous. No information on the company, team or individual is taken or stored. It is completely safe to use.

There are two ways you can use the Insight Staff Survey:

Personal Survey: Simply fill in the survey form once and get your own personal results. These can be visually compared with other individual results but operate independently – multiple submissions are not aggregated.

Team Survey: Generates a URL that you can share amongst your team or organisation. Everyone using the survey will have their individual results also aggregated with others and will be able to view both their individual scores and the total team scores.

NB: At no point is any personal, team or organisation-specific identifying information captured. All questions are multiple choice. No-one can view another individual’s results. The survey is entirely and deliberately anonymous so that people feel as comfortable as possible filling it in openly and honestly.

Personal Survey

Press the button below to fill in the survey form as a lone individual.

When you submit your form you will see a graph of your results and can permanently bookmark the results page for later viewing.

Team Survey

Click on the link below to launch your email client with a ready-made email containing a link to the survey and brief instructions that you can edit and address before sending to your team.

When individual team members submit the form they will be able to see a graph of their results and the whole team’s results to date. The results page can then be bookmarked for future reference.

Don’t forget to include yourself on the distribution list so that you can track the results and complete the survey yourself – it is very important to know the difference between your own perceptions and your team’s.