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Management Consultant | Agile Coach | Agile Consultant | Lean Coach | Change Consultant | Transformation Expert

What do I do?

I help people drive growth, deliver value faster with better quality and reduce costs. All with existing teams.

I do this by creating smart, sustainable and highly-collaborative workplaces that deliver increased management control, transparent accountability, a natural growth of trust and greater freedoms for today’s increasingly choosy workforce.

To get there I help people redesign complex services for the modern digital, mobile, social media world and make the cultural changes that are needed to transform their business.

Tom Sedge discusses why he isn't just another consultant with Ann Blythman

How do I do it?

I work with ambitious senior managers and leaders who are passionate about improvement, serious about change and ready to take action.

I teach people simple principles and practical techniques that serve them throughout their careers. I help them create a feedback-driven learning culture that enables people to take both responsibility and ownership, innovate, adapt and respond to future change.

I work alongside people so they stay in control of the change. I transfer skills and teach as I go to embed lasting change throughout each organisation. I build in-house capabilities based around simple principles and techniques so that future change can be delivered without me.

I am part of a wider network which enables me to take on bigger challenges. All materials are made freely available on The Ambitious Manager website.


Conventional change doesn't stick, once consultants are gone little has changed

My approach sticks and builds capacity for further change so that change continues without me

Who am I?

My name is Tom Sedge. I’m an independent management consultant and coach. I know Business Transformation, Service Design and Culture Change. I’m an innovator in Lean, Agile & Systems Thinking.

My career has been spent deep in business strategy, service design, technical and operational delivery and people management.

I’ve worked as a Business Transformation Consultant, Management Consultant, Agile/Lean Coach, Executive Coach and previously as a Development Manager, Technical Director, Programme & Project Manager and a Software Architect & Developer.

My broad experience perfectly positions me to help businesses undergoing significant change.

Why me?

Tom Sedge discusses the legacy he leaves behind for clients with Ann Blythman

My work pays for itself many times over in hard cost savings, productivity gains and business performance. It also pays for itself in the transformation of morale, an improved workplace environment, healthy communication and happiness of staff.

I can help you plan and deliver the right change on the ground, quickly, cheaply and effectively and in a way that will take your people with you.

I strongly believe that change needs to be anchored inside each organisation and owned by its people rather than by external consultants, so I’ll work alongside you and your team in partnership with you – you will lead the change and set the goals. 

I’ll be responsible for the approach taken, driving it forward, steering everyone in the right direction and training and supporting people along the way.

If you chose me, you’re picking someone who:


Takes time to understand your business

Knows from experience what will help you

Keeps the solutions simple and appropriate

Adapts solutions to your specific needs: no one-size fits all

Transfers knowledge to you and your team from the start: no long-term dependency on me

Offers simple, practical, jargon-free help in Plain English

Starts delivering from day one

Where do I work?

Based in the UK, I work all over the world: Europe, US and Asia. If you’re willing to pay my travel and accommodation costs, I can come to you.

How do I contact you?

There are lots of ways you can do that. Giving me a call is best and we can have a simple open chat to find out how I can best help you.

Recent Achievements

Tom Sedge discusses recent work and what it is like Working with him with Ann Blythman

$50bn UK Public Sector Loans & Grants Business

Devised new Target Operating Model with the CEO and key executives

Kick-started $200m 3-year Business Transformation Programme to revolutionise Operations, HR, Marketing, Finance and IT using a highly practical and cross-functional-team model

Built shared Business Transformation Hub workspace and formed Guiding Coalition

End-to-end audit of existing Programme Portfolio, PMO process and practices

$1bn Multinational Financial Services Organization

Comprehensive review and action plan with senior executives for the end-to-end operating model and portfolio-management IT processes. Driving changes to identify business value, improve strategy, prioritisation and effective management/monitoring of delivery

Comprehensive lean/agile health-check and action plan for the flagship $15m programme and follow-up implementation of team restructuring including coaching of a new programme manager

Re-scoping the programme with stakeholders into a series of achievable prioritised increments and assisting with shepherding this through initial corporate approval

$30bn Multinational Shipping Company

Rolling out a lean product development process across a 1200-strong IT department, focusing time on 12 teams in their 150-person SOA group

Coaching and assisting with visualisation of work, prioritisation by business value and management of the SOA and Enterprise Architecture (60-person) portfolios

Design of new portfolio management practices including cross-portfolio delivery coordination

Development of a new end-to-end operating model for all IT development; generalizing the lean product development approach to include all the work products and touch points between departments, including liaison with the CIO and strategic leadership team

Experience with Large Organisations

Royal Mail



Sun Microsystems


Maersk Line


Student Loans Company