Video: AgileMK – The Agile Organisation and People

This is a talk and interactive session that I ran with Dan Rough at Agile:MK on 1st September 2014.

We speak about The Agile Organisation and its effects – the effects on people, how work is managed and on organisational culture.

We follow up with a practical exercise in small groups – asking participants to list the people and organisational challenges that they have with Agile in their organisations and then to work together to design a time-boxed experiment that they can run to start solving the problem.

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Video: Cultivating Culture Change with Tom Sedge

In this video, we take an example-led practical tour of Cultivating Culture Change within organisations using the metaphor of gardening. This draws on my experience to include a range of techniques and tools that you can use in your organisation. We explore what a workplace can look like when it has undergone a cultural transformation and where to get started.

Traditionally people approach culture change as an engineering problem or by telling their people what to be. But it just doesn’t work like that. Culture is different: it’s an emergent property and that requires a different approach.

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What is Transparent Accountability?

In this Transformation Dialogues video, Ann Blythman interviews me to understand what Transparent Accountability is and how it works.

I discuss how transparency and accountability go hand-in-hand and how one can drive the other in a healthy way. How ownership then follows and how this works to bring quiet contributors into the change process.

I hope you enjoy this video and more that follow soon in the Transformation Dialogues series.

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Transformation Dialogues: The Ambitious Manager

In this, the first of the Transformation Dialogues series of short videos, Ann Blythman interviews me on The Ambitious Manager to find out what it is all about, why I created it, who it is for and to learn more about me and my approach.

I discuss the 4 key frustrations that lead me to create The Ambitious Manager: Attitude, Education, Ownership and Feedback, the challenge of creating transformative change in a digital, mobile, social media world, how ambitious you need to be to work with me and how often organisational ambitious falls sort of what it could be.

I hope you enjoy the video and many more follow soon in the Transformation Dialogues series.

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