AOTB: Developing Agile Business Strategies using Test-First

I’m presenting at Agile On The Beach (Thursday 4th – Friday 5th September) on TFDD for Business Strategy: Developing Agile Business Strategies using Test-First.

This will be a practical example-led exploration of how to rapidly develop strategies that work.

We’ll examine how to apply the Agile principles of Test-First-Driven-Development to Business Strategy.

We’ll explore the nature of useful tests in the strategy space: what can we measure and what is useful? This highlights the crucial importance of a quantifiable mission & vision that lend themselves to tests.

Through a concrete example, we’ll explore how to define and apply tests to a target operating model, corporate structure, all the way down to strategies for specific objectives.

Session in Depth

TFDD is not just for developers and testers!

It is a general approach that has useful applications well outside software development.

Far too often the business of Business Strategy isn’t anchored in any meaningful methodology and isn’t driven by data. This leads to confused poor decisions and initiatives that make little sense to people on the ground and can directly conflict with good work produced by highly-motivated and committed staff.

It’s possible to develop Business Strategy using a TFDD approach.

Done well, this yields similar benefits to those we find in software: tight iterations, fast feedback, quality built in, early detection of problems, and progressive refactoring opportunities. Strategy should never be static and needs the feedback of real experience to improve and shape it.

We’ll examine how to apply the principles of TFDD to Business Strategy.

This takes us on a revealing journey:

How do we define tests in the strategy space?

What can we measure and how?

What makes a strategy test useful?

How often do we apply them?

We’ll explore the crucial importance of a quantifiable mission and vision to underpin practical strategy tests, including how to ensure that an organisation has a unity of purpose that everyone can support.

We’ll learn about the many positive benefits that follow, including de-personalising and de-politicising decisions and collaboration-centric working.

Using a real example business, we’ll further explore how to turn these ideas into practical tests that can shape many facets of an organisation, from its target operating model and corporate structure, all the way down to strategies for specific objectives and processes.

Finally, we’ll investigate how to use the concepts covered to help people make a better case for a different approach to Business Strategy within their own organisations. How can we approach the conversation with sceptical leaders?

This will be a useful and thought-provoking session for leaders, managers, developers and testers alike – even if you don’t have a role shaping strategy in your workplace you can have role in seeding the mindset of change and shaping the thinking of those around you.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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