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I'm speaking in London at Kanban Coaching Exchange on 8th January 2015 on Investing in Upstream Flow: Landscaping a smooth river from idea to execution

I'm speaking in London at Service Design in Government 2015 on 19th-20th March 2015 on Challenging the Orthodoxy: How Culture Change enables Citizen-centric Services.

I'm speaking in Bristol at ACCU 2015 in April 2015 on Investing Upstream: The secret to smooth Scrum Sprints with effective Product Ownership

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Significant Change in Just 25 Days

This is a typical initial package of work which is then customised to fit specific needs. It gives a good idea of what is possible with a clear mandate and a team motivated to change.

Scope: A rapid team and/or service first-stage transformation plus delivery of a strategic plan for further improvements.

Customer Delivery People Management
Week 1 Team Interviews and Mapping the Business
Week 2 Review goals & objectives Visualise work & activities Clarify ownership & roles Change comms methods
Week 3 Map demand for services Redefine progress & quality measures Embed continuous change Improve collaboration methods
Week 4 Re-prioritise work & activities Optimise some working practices Knowledge transfer & training Initiate data-driven decisions
Week 5 Strategic Planning for Further Improvements
Output: Re-focused team goals for business needs

Visual map of service demand

Re-prioritised team workload
Visual "live" wall of all work, status & problems

Redefined weekly measures

Better working practices
Team accountable for changes

Embedded change approach

Knowledge transfer of key practices & principles
Streamlined clear team comms

New collaboration practices

Data-driven decision-making process